A thing of beauty
is a joy forever
Develop at local the village and field;
the hospitality is hard to refuse.

The clean-clear Shiliu Fen Zhen from the underground spring of Luodong River, it has ever used as an important channel to irrigate hundred acres of fertile farm land; meandering flow beside the hotel.present the gratitude and passion of YYilan. It took about three years to complete the 24 floors hotel which has 453 hot spring guest rooms on ten thousand square meters land

Our goal is to create one of the top international resort hotel of Yilan . the Hotel is designed by modern zen style and combined with 5 different themes restaurants as well as unique sky bar

the story 01
Reconnect to Taiwan’s unique country anesthetics
hotel design 02
Change the landscape of Yilan’s skyline
The hotel building is located between Luodong Train Station and commercial area of Lanyang Plain

it is the highest building of 5-stars hotel in Yilan. It has 24 floors, 453 guest rooms with dual spring baths, 5 magnificent theme restaurants, and a sky bar which provide seasonal foods and top-quality wedding reception with buffets and all kind of cusines of Hong Kong, Japanese, and western dishes.

Modernized supple design hotel with brilliant lights a linear beacon at night. Twin Y-axis design of the building enable every room has wide scenery view. You may enjoy the scenery of sunlight, starlight as well as feel the breeze, flowing water, greenery and co-existence with natural four seasons. Situated on the flowing Xueshan Mountains, with spectacular cerulean view, Cuncyue Hot Spring Resort Hotel is the excellent location for a holiday to Yilan.

hot spring 03
Hot spring bath – Contact with long-lived tradition
Bath in the natural spring is just like a sacred body ceremony

the natural spring will purify your body and wash away the dirt.
Geothermal energy and the natural spring are able to relief pressure, relieve fatigue, to deeply purify your body, enhance metabolism and revitalize your internal energy.

Queen of Hot Springs - sodium bicarbonate spring for beauty

Sodium bicarbonate springs of Yilan is one of the best hot springs which is clear, odorless spring , with PH 7 value, and the temperature is around 62˚C when it is released from the ground ; It has full of mineral substances such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and carbonate ions.

Bathing in it, you will feels like submersing yourself in precious natural skin toner, which is exceptional at moisturizing, whitening and vitalizing the skin. After cleansing your body in the sodium bicarbonate spring, your skin will be smoothly soft. It will healing our body and minds, No matter we used it for baths or drinking water. Our hot spring can be represent as the best in Taiwan.

Noble hot Spring - nano milky hot spring

We use the health preserving hot spring treatment technology to relieve your fatigue of body & mind. The patented nano technology contributes to impact the water molecules and generates around 1.2 billion super fine grain bubbles per minute. The energy in the air and the minerals in the water are perfectly blended in and offer silky smoothness top-quality milky bath.

The molecules of Nano high oxygen water is smaller than the diameter human body pores therefore, it is able to remove the dirty things from deeply pores. hundred thousands fine bubbles flowing over your body, bIt will luxuriously massage your full body, promotes blood circulation, replaces the old horny skin, and become soft and smoothly brilliant skin.